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Pool equipment

Pool equipment includes pump, sand filtration system, disinfection system, heat exchangers and pH and chlorine regulator. In order for you to have a completely standard pool, you need all the equipment listed. In the following, we will review all the mentioned products. Note that this equipment is one of the main equipment of the pool and you can install a series of peripheral equipment to make your pool smarter. In this link, you can see the pool smart equipment.

تجهیزات استخر

Pool pump equipment

The pool water must be constantly circulating and the pumps are responsible for circulating the pool water among the filtration and disinfection equipment, etc.

The choice of the type of pump and the number of pumps depends on various factors such as: height, volume of the pool, distance of the pool and Jacuzzi with the engine room and..

The operation of the pool pump is in two modes of suction and discharge, in that the pump first sucks water from the bowl and performs the operation with high speed and pressure until the water flows into the bowl again, it must pass through filtration and disinfection systems that This causes the water pressure to drop, but the proper pump compensates for this pressure drop at the time of pouring so that the pressure does not drop when the water returns to the bowl.

In the structure of the pump, the body material is one of the factors that should be chosen carefully, and the second factor is the amount of KW power and horsepower of the pump, which can be selected with a series of factors mentioned above.

The pump has a filter called a PRE, commonly called a strainer.

This filter largely filters out the damage that can damage the pump impeller.

پمپ و تجهیزات استخر

Filtering system equipment

Sand pool filter

The sand filter system acts like natural water springs and cleans the water of any physical contamination.

The water sand filters sucked out of the pool by the pumps remove all physical contaminants and return clear water to you.

The only difference between the sand filter system and the natural water springs system is that in the springs the water rises from the bottom and the clearing operation is performed, but in the sand filter treatment system the filter enters from the top and exits from the bottom.

Nature has always been an inspiration to engineers.

Disinfection system

After physical treatment of water, the pool needs chemical and microbial treatment.

This treatment is done by the pool disinfection system. Water disinfection or disinfection is done in three ways: manual, semi-automatic and automatic, each of which is as follows.

سیستم فیلتراسیون شنی

Pool heating equipment

The heating system for the pool is a principle because in addition to the transparency and purity of the pool water, the optimal heat of the water makes the swimmer more comfortable. In public swimming pools, the water temperature is set at 27 to 28 degrees Celsius, but this is different for Jacuzzi, children’s pool, hydrotherapy pool, cold water pool and so on.

Heaters (heat exchangers) are without mechanical and electrical parts, but only contain a metal part, which is mainly made of steel. Heated water comes from another heat source, such as a boiler or package. These two waters transfer their heat to each other without contact with each other. In this way, the water that comes from the package gives its heat to the pool water, Jacuzzi, children’s pool and.

Chlorination system

In the manual method, a linear chlorinator is placed in the way of the system. Using a very simple volume, the amount of chlorine entering the pool can be determined and the pH of the water must be measured manually using a chlorine measuring kit. In this method, the error rate may increase. Semi-automatic method The pool water is continuously measured using the device and by detecting the pH value, you enter the amount of calories that is to neutralize the water into the device.

The standard pH of the public pool water is between 7 and 7.2, during which the water is neutral.

Pool water tends to become alkaline due to the constant presence of swimmers, and the pH of the water must be kept at 7 by adding acid to the water, which is done manually and semi-automatically.

Linear chlorination system

In a linear chlorination system, it automatically measures the amount of chlorine entering the water so that the same amount of chlorine is injected into the entire pool water. .

Linear chlorinator is very easy to install and does not require special equipment, you can easily install this device in the path of the water inlet pipe to the pool with a simple cut.

Ultraviolet disinfection system

In disinfection systems, due to chlorine damage, ultraviolet disinfection system is used, which greatly reduces the side effects of chlorine and also increases the disinfection effect.

For better effectiveness, an ozone unit or UV rays are used. We suggest using UV rays to disinfect the pool water.

UV rays kill all pathogenic bacteria and viruses in water. In fact, it kills the harmful organisms in the pool water and prevents them from multiplying. Ultraviolet rays in pool water disinfection neutralize all the effects that chlorine has on the pool water and therefore on the body of swimmers and make the pool bowl water free of any germs and pollution.