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BS Pool Pro 50 Salt chlorine

  • It has an electrolysis chamber with a lifespan of 10,000 hours
  • Ability to intelligently control and adjust chlorine and pH

  • It has an automatic chlorine shock mode
  • It has a water temperature display on the control panel
  • The ability to control the amount of salt in the pool water
  • It has an automatic warning system for the lack of salt in the pool water
  • Measuring the lifetime of the electrolysis chamber automatically

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Serial salt chlorine 50g/h, PRO is made by BSPOOL company in Spain. In this disinfection system, the salt dissolved in water is not used, but it is broken down into sodium and chlorine atoms every time and returns to its original state after the disinfection is completed. For this reason, the only time we need to add salt to the pool water is when a part of the pool water is drained or the salt concentration drops below the desired level due to filter failure.

Using this salt chlorine, there is no need to buy chlorine tablets, and also the bad smell of the pool and problems such as burning eyes and itching will disappear. Salt is added to the water in such a way that the swimmer does not feel the saltiness. Chlorine causes the swimsuit to become white, which can be solved by using this disinfection system.

This disinfection reduces anxiety and has positive effects on muscles, joints and skin, which is the right choice for hydrotherapy pools.

BS POOL salt chlorine, PRO series, comes with a two-year seawater sound warranty.

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