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Consulting and design (mechanical and electrical)

Each building is different in terms of layout, design and use, and Sada-e-Ab-e-Darya Company offers various solutions for increasing energy efficiency and lower energy consumption for energy management, facilities and air conditioning.

In multi-storey residential homes, owners need a special type of mechanical and electrical system, which is different for towers, hotels and sports complexes, and these complexes can use intelligent systems to manage their building. Intelligent systems in facilities and air conditioning of buildings help to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.

In addition to discussing home heating systems, Sada-e-Darya Company can replace the most up-to-date systems by relying on up-to-date knowledge and equipment for the reconstruction of electrical and mechanical systems, so that you can save energy and maintenance costs at a low cost. Reduce.

Older systems used in older sports complexes or organizations increase energy consumption and lower efficiency for heating and cooling. Due to the fact that with the current situation in Iran, energy consumption and costs are very high, Sada-e-Darya Company has solutions to increase the efficiency of your heating, cooling systems and facilities, so that you can use your system’s maximum efficiency at low costs.


Home system for buildings up to 10 units

S.A.D facility installations are more cost-effective for new buildings and renovation projects. Uniform temperature distribution throughout the room, along with smart engine room Need less energy thanks to new equipment and replacement of old mechanical equipment with digital equipment Ideal for increasing the efficiency of the cooling and heating system while reducing energy consumption Central building water filtration

Home system for buildings up to 10 units and up

The use of an intelligent mechanical and electrical system is essential for a complete large building.
Sustainable and low consumption solutions for heating and cooling system
Central building water filtration
Intelligent and proper energy management that reduces energy consumption by up to 25%.
Providing engineering solutions with the latest technology in the world for building reconstruction

Intelligent cooling and heating system of office buildings

Investing in efficient infrastructure technology is the key to a productive work environment.
Buildings achieve higher efficiency with lower energy consumption through intelligent heating and cooling systems technology, and as a result, increase the value of the property.
Use of technology, minimum energy consumption and maximum comfort with S.A.D heat distribution systems


Concepts of energy efficient and climate control technology for industrial facilities

Radiant heating and cooling solutions are energy efficient and fuel efficient.
Constant temperature and accurate humidity in all heating and cooling systems
High efficiency and very low maintenance and service costs thanks to efficient engineering.
Flexible use thanks to intelligent cooling and heating equipment
Control of the entire facility through an integrated system