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تلفن : 73612-021

Sand filter IML SPAIN FEC 450

  • It is made of HDPE (compressed polyethylene).
  • Has a 6-way tap from above
  • Two year body warranty
  • Having 10 years of after-sales service
  • Connection size 11/2 inches

مشخصات فنی:

Additional information

Body Material

HDPE (compressed polyethylene)

سایز اتصالات

11/2 اینچ



Body warranty




IML SPAIN-FEC-400 IML filter is a product of the Spain brand. The tank of these filters is made of compressed polyethylene. It is available in two tap models from the top and the tap from the side, the tap model from the side has a transparent cover for easy access to filter maintenance. Valve filters from above occupy less space in the engine house, but to access the tank, the filter valve and the pipes connected to it must be removed.

This filter has high resistance, such as resistance to direct sunlight and weather changes.

The pool sand filter IML Spain ROMA series has site glass. Aeration of the tank is done automatically through the nozzle inside the filter.
The SPAIN-FEC sand filter comes with a two-year seawater sound warranty.

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