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تلفن : 73612-021

Centrifugal pump AQUASTRONG ESM-60 Italy

  • Emergency water supply
  • Transfer of clean water or non-corrosive liquids
  • Pump body made of stainless steel
  • With internal thermal protection for single-phase motor
  • Can be used for all kinds of pool sweeper packages
  • IPX4 protection class
  • 2 year warranty

مشخصات فنی:

Additional information

Body Material

Stainless cast iron


1.5 hors

Maximum working temperature

60 degrees Celsius


2 year

ESM series centrifuges are a product of the Italian brand AQUASTRONG. These pumps are designed to increase water pressure and can be used in domestic and construction projects due to their easy and reliable use.
AQUASTRONG centrifugal pool pump is used for water systems (without acidic chemicals) and other fluids that do not have corrosive properties. This pump can also be used to supply the required power for all kinds of pool sweeper packages.
These pumps should be placed in a covered environment or protected from adverse weather conditions. The body of the centrifuge is made of stainless cast iron and comes with a two-year warranty against the sound of sea water.

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