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BADU SUPER PRO40 purification pump made by Sepeck, Germany

  • Equipped with an integrated pre-filter (3 liter filter made of polypropylene with a mesh size of 2.6 x 3.2)
  • The material of the body, impeller and diffuser is polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass (PP GF 30)
  • The material of the pump seals is made of carbon, ceramic, nitropol
  • UPVC adhesive pipe nut connection in pump suction and discharge
  • Self-suction (can be installed up to a height of 3 meters above the water level)
  • Can be used for saltwater pools with a salt percentage of 5 grams per liter

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BADU SuperPro series pumps are manufactured by Speck in Germany. The pump body is made of fiberglass. These pumps are suitable for all types of disinfection systems such as chlorine, ozone, salt chlorine and chemicals for maintaining water, that is why they are suitable for all types of swimming pools and jacuzzis.

This pump has a pre-filter that prevents debris from entering the pump and blocking the impeller. It is also easy to open and close the pre-filter.

Germany SPECK pool purification pump BADU SuperPro series comes with a 5-year sea water sound warranty.

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