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Necessity of basic maintenance and pool services

One of the essential things in using a swimming pool is the timely maintenance and adjustment of treatment plant equipment and supplies, especially control equipment. In addition, the bowl and surface of the pool need periodic cleaning and checking the chemical parameters of the water, so that if something unusual is observed, action can be taken to fix the problem and return the conditions to normal. These cases, plus other cases in pool maintenance, require full-time staff for large pools and round-the-clock service by specialist staff for private or smaller pools.

Performing pool service and maintenance

Considering the technical complexities and specific details of the pool, it is better to maintain and periodically service the pool, sauna and jacuzzi by people who have enough experience and skills in this field. Due to the lack of training and expert staff in this field, in order to meet the needs of owners and employers, the company of Ab Darya has responded to the needs of applicants in this field and provides service and maintenance services for swimming pools, saunas and jacuzzis.

The services of Seda Ab Darya company in the field of swimming pool and sauna maintenance

  • Pool cleaning and sweeping services
  • Adjusting the levels of chlorine and disinfectants in the pool
  • Adjusting pool water chemistry in terms of pH and hardness. . .
  • Troubleshooting and repair of treatment plant equipment
  • Periodic service of pool equipment
  • Solving the leakage problem
  • Advice on buying new equipment to replace old equipment
  • Training of the technical force desired by the employer to carry out swimming pool affairs